One&Only Le Saint Géran in wellness focus

One&Only Le Saint Géran in wellness focus

One&Only Le Saint Géran has unveiled “Harmonia”, its new holistic Wellbeing Journey, a complete wellbeing experience rooted in Eastern traditions and designed to help guests re-balance inside and out, by nourishing both body and mind.

Unique on the island of Mauritius, Harmonia offers guests the opportunity to balance, detox and re-balance. Based upon the principles of Chinese medicine and developed by Francesc Miralles, a highly respected Chinese medicine authority and practitioner, the seven day programme combines the perfect balance of eastern and western modalities with each journey created according to the individual.

Under the direction of Miralles, the One&Only wellness team has established eight components as the fundamentals to “Harmonia” programme:

·      Personalization: Depending on personal objectives and each physical constitution, the three phase system can be implemented: Balance - Detox - Rebalance

·      Daily Assessment: Daily personal follow-up, adjusting the herbal blends to ensure the successful progression of the programme followed by daily diet suggestions


·      Diet: “Harmonia” diet designed according to personal preference, time of day and physical constitution

·      Energy harmonizing techniques: Including acupuncture, the best technique for immediate energy balancing, or cranio-sacral therapy to restore the harmonic flow of body fluids

·      Body harmonizing techniques: Physiotherapy, osteopathy and passive stretching to help the body and regain flexibility and coordination

·      Herbal blends: A core of Traditional Chinese medicine, they are highly adaptable to every pattern of disharmony or physical constitution

·      Massage and Spa treatments: Chinese Tui-Na massage, reflexology, oil massage or unwind massage are used to release toxins and restore energy balance

·      Taiji Quan and meditation: These centuries-old exercise techniques include the art of harmonious movement and careful breathing in order to restore balance.

In addition to the support of Eastern healing modalities and herbs, guests will enjoy a personalized diet based on the Chinese Medicine basic classifications of deficiency or excess. The programme menu is low in fat, sugar and wheat, dairy-free and includes no ingredients that promote acidity. Developed in collaboration with One&Only Le Saint Géran’s well-known chefs Karim Hasene and Vikash Coonjan, nutritionally balanced meals retain culinary sophistication of the resort’s regular menu whilst remaining nourishing and balancing for the body. 

Having completed an initial assessment with Francesc, guests receive a personalized plan which is reviewed daily by the team’s lead practitioner to ensure it is of maximum benefit. A typical day includes a session of Taiji Quan and meditation before a healthy breakfast to kick start the body’s own Qi. Following breakfast guests can attend their daily assessment to tweak any dietary changes needed to ensure maximum success from the programme. Prior to the daily body harmonizing and energizing session and massage, guests can spend the afternoon relaxing on the pristine white sands of the private beach or enjoy an energizing swim in the Indian Ocean.