One Group launches new brand to challenge medically impaired market

One Group launches new brand to challenge medically impaired market

ONE Group, one of the UK’s leading independent travel insurance, claims and assistance providers, has launched its new specialist brand,  Focused on travel insurance for medically-impaired travellers, with no age limits, aims to tackle a number of misconceptions about travel insurance for those with medical conditions and the over-65s by providing appropriate cover at reasonable prices. In particular, is aiming to provide affordable cover for certain conditions that other insurers shy away from, including mental health conditions and people who are HIV+. It also aims to give mainstream insurers a clear solution to ensure they comply with new Equality Act provisions due to come into force from October this year.

Developed by insurance industry expert, Iain Sykes, Managing Director of the new brand, aims to challenge the status quo in the medically impaired and over 65s sector. “People with medical conditions want to be able to enjoy their holidays secure in the knowledge that their pre-existing medical conditions are covered.  And today, older people are physically fitter and mentally younger than ever.  As a result they are becoming more adventurous, with the time and money to travel abroad regularly. We’re focused on providing fair-priced insurance for these travellers, combined with high quality support and care should assistance be needed while they are away from home.

“With the core provisions of the Equality Act anticipated to come into force from October 2010, we believe a number of mainstream insurers will be looking for a good partner to be able to provide insurance products for those with medical conditions and the over 65s. The proposition can be white labelled and covers a wide range of conditions, including a number that some other specialist insurers do not always cover, including mental health conditions and those who have been diagnosed HIV+.

“ provides a strong consumer-friendly proposition, whether direct to the consumer in its own name or as a white-labelled solution offered through other insurers.”

Iain Sykes has been a travel insurance specialist since 1972 and since the late 1990’s, has pioneered and championed the specialist area of elderly and/or medically impaired travellers, devising the first major dedicated brands for this sector.  He has worked with Danny Palmer, Insurance Manager for, to create the new proposition.  Danny has worked in the travel insurance industry since 1993.

ADVERTISEMENT offers travel insurance for travellers with all sorts of medical conditions including:

  * Pre-existing medical conditions up to a very high level of severity and even terminal prognoses
  * Cancer, Heart Conditions, Diabetes, Stroke, Epilepsy and many more
  * Travellers on a course of chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  * Mental health conditions
  * HIV+

“Using our expert knowledge of different medical conditions, combined with an international medical emergency network, can provide travellers with the reassurance that they will be well cared for and receive the right level of medical support anywhere in the world”, concluded Iain Sykes. “The medically impaired sector only has a limited number of truly specialist players and we feel we have an incredibly strong proposition with to challenge this, providing mainstream insurers with greater choice when they are looking for a key partner to address this sector.”