News from the Grenada Board of Tourism

News from the Grenada Board of Tourism

The Grenada Board of Tourism has some exciting news to coincide with the beginning of a new decade.

Eyes2market UK has been appointed to the role of marketing, PR and Tourist Office representatives. They bring with them a wealth of experience and knowledge of niche marketing and new media development.

What does this mean to the UK travel industry:

  * Increased focus on ROI (Return on Investment) for all partnership activities
  * Niche market focus
      o Primary: Wedding & Honeymoon, Diving, Small & Friendly
      o Secondary: Flora and Fauna, Sports Tourism and Cruise Tourism
  * More excitement, more events and promotions

The UK Director and our PR Manager look forward to working with to provide information and to getting across our message that Grenada is a natural and authentic tourism brand offering visitors experiences of ‘pure warmth’ incorporating the our ‘Rythms of Spice’.