New tool created to enhance destination web sites

New tool created to enhance destination web sites, a division of Discover the World Marketing, and travel technology experts have revolutionized how to display a destination’s web site harnessing Google Earth. This new technology combines industry expertise with web savvy technology to provide an intelligent and proactive solution to destination on-line marketing.

The Google Earth technology allows the tourist destination to build and display the exact GPS location of every attraction, hotel and product in the area using a dynamic Google Earth layer on the destination’s own website.

According to Ian Murray, Senior Director Marketing & Product Development of Discover the World Marketing, “Destinations using this new technology have a greater chance of capturing a visitor stay as well as increasing the length of stay in the region because consumers have a better way to plan their journey through the ability to show geography, distances and the real beauty of the location. Google Earth offers the user a new virtual experience that changes their entire online travel experience.”

“We have built a number of Google Earth layers for various tourism businesses, and they have all delivered substantial ROI,” said Nic Ray, Managing Director, Quirk eMarketing. “Not only does it improve the user experience and conversion on the destination’s site, but it acts as a great link building resource. Furthermore, the use of this ground breaking technology also creates a lot of positive PR for the destination.”

Using the Google Earth layer, information is displayed through icons of interest that open into pop up pages with text, photographs and video to excite and engage the user. If the virtual tourists like what they see, they can click on a link to discover more information about that tourist hotspot.