New concierge service with a conscience offers World Cup revellers a safety net

New concierge service with a conscience offers World Cup revellers a safety net

Africa Talking is a new concierge service which offers affordable, invaluable peace of mind for travellers to South Africa, whilst helping to support local charities and community projects in the region. Africa Talking, inaugurated last year, utilises the latest mobile phone technology to offer its members the most advanced assistance benefits yet devised in South Africa, tracking the exact location of their members via a mobile phone to enhance their African experience.

Africa Talking has a team of dedicated consultants based in Cape Town who offer instant access to emergency assistance, safe directions and a wide range of travel and entertainment services, helping its members make the most of their trip. Africa Talking can also assist with booking flights or hotels if their trip is extended or changes whilst they are on the road. Members simply call the team from the free handset offered with the service or via their own mobile phone.

The free phone is pre-loaded with credit to give members the freedom to make local phone calls and keep in touch with friends, without the fear of footing a large UK mobile phone bill on their return.

For many, the attraction of the concierge service lies in not having to plan everything in advance, instead having the freedom to choose where to visit as the mood takes them. Africa Talking’s flexible service means that, once a member has decided on their next destination, the team acts as a ‘virtual concierge’, doing the leg work and allowing their members to concentrate on enjoying their African adventures.

“Africa Talking’s dedicated team enhances the member’s experience of South Africa by offering a wealth of local knowledge, so that they can create their ideal trip, and expert advice to steer them out of any problems they might encounter” says the founder VanZyl van Heerden.


“Giving something back and supporting the South African community is also very important to us. We give our members the option of donating the mobile phone offered with the service to local South African charities and community projects” states Van Heerden.