Network Rail: Work starts on new sleeper factory

Site works for a new factory in Doncaster which will supply vital components to Britain’s rail network begin next week. The new factory will produce hundreds of thousands of concrete sleepers needed for Network Rail’s programme of track improvement works.

Martin Elwood, director of Network Rail’s National Delivery Service, said: “This factory is crucial if we are to deliver better value for money whilst maintaining a safe, reliable railway.

“We need around 700,000 concrete sleepers each year and, once commissioned, this factory will produce around 400,000 of those. It will also directly create around 30 new jobs, with knock-on benefits to the local supply chain.”

Located on the former Woodyard site near Ten Pound Walk in Doncaster, the factory will be owned by Network Rail but built and operated by a new consortium, Trackwork Moll.

Martin Elwood added “This is a strategic decision by Network Rail to protect the supplies which are vital for our track programme. At the same time, we can reduce costs by increasing competition and introducing more modern production methods.


“Doncaster is the ideal location for this factory as these sidings are already used as a hub for engineering trains and its central location will make distribution across Britain’s rail network easier and more efficient.”

Site works begin next week with earthworks due to start in mid-September. Full production is due to start in summer 2013.

Peter Heubeck, general manager for Trackwork Moll, added: “We are delighted to have awarded a design and build contract for most of the work to J F Finnegan Limited of Sheffield. In addition to their own experienced staff, they have assembled a strong team of locally-based architects, consultants and specialist contractors, who we are confident will do an excellent job.”