Network Rail: Work begins on Newton Junction upgrade

Network Rail: Work begins on Newton Junction upgrade

Construction work has now begun on a £10m project to upgrade Newton junction. Network Rail, working with contractors Carillion, will carry out engineering work designed to improve the flexibility and efficiency of the junction and enable a smoother flow of rail traffic through Newton.

The enhancement work will also increase the number of train paths available for both local and cross-border services and help deliver an even better performing railway for train operator and passengers.

Scheduled for completion by winter 2013, the work involves re-modelling the junction with the addition of a new rail line and crossover, a section of track which allows trains to move from one line to another.

The overhead stanchions that carry the electric power lines will also be reconfigured and signalling upgraded.

To deliver the enhancements while minimising disruption, engineers will be working extensively at evenings and weekends over the next 12 months with other works scheduled to coincide with the times the rail network is quietest, such as the festive period and Bank holidays.


Community drop-In events

To keep local communities and line-side residents informed about our plans, Network Rail is hosting a community drop-in, where the public can learn more direct from the project team.

This will take place between 17:00 and 20:00 on Monday, November 19, in St. Charles’ Primary School, Newton.

A Network Rail spokesman said: “This programme of work will modernise a key junction on Scotland’s railway, bring significant benefits for those using both local and cross-border routes, as well as boosting the overall reliability of rail services.

“With rail travel expected to continue to grow in popularity in the future, the project will also create the additional capacity needed to deliver more services in the years ahead.”