Network Rail: Temporary bridge replaces Branston Crossing

Network Rail has submitted planning consent for a temporary bridge at the site of Warren Lane crossing in Branston. 

This level crossing ranked amongst the worst on the East Midlands route for misuse and was closed on Friday 31 August following the opening of a temporary footbridge. Network Rail recorded one fatality and 12 near misses at the crossing since 2005.

Martin Frobisher, route managing director for Network Rail, explained: “We simply could not wait for another fatality before taking action at this location. Because the footpath and level crossing do not appear on official plans seeking closure of this crossing has been complicated.

“We recognise that this is a widely used route – particularly by school children. The provision of the present footbridge recognises the need to give safe access over the railway whilst we seek a long term solution for this location. We remain fully committed to working with the community to find a solution that balances the requirements of neighbours who may find a structure obtrusive and users whose mobility is impaired. This will include a full and open consultation process and the relevant planning permission.”

The temporary bridge will be removed once a permanent solution is agreed and in place.


The position of the temporary structure, which is screened, has been chosen to allow any permanent structure to be constructed further away from nearby houses.