Neil Morrissey: I’m a Celebrity… Get me a drink!

Neil Morrissey: I’m a Celebrity… Get me a drink!

Living up to this bad-boy reputation Neil Morrissey fell just one drink shy of getting himself arrested while returning from I’m a Celebrity…. Get me out of here!

The former Men Behaving Badly star – who had been commentating on the jungle-based gameshow in Australia – was reportedly so rowdy cabin crew were willing to cuff him.

Morrissey – who has recently softened his image with work on Bob the Builder – was reportedly drinking in the Club Class lounge before takeoff, before continuing to drink champagne while on the flight.

Bystanders reported he made a “special effort” to appear sober when passing through check-in.

However, the charade fell apart with Morrissey shouting: “Travelling Club is f****** great, mate. Free f****** wine - all you can f****** well drink!”

Fellow passengers were said to be appalled, with the pilot agreeing he should be bound.

Perhaps sensing the worst, Morrissey fell asleep before the punishment could be implemented.

A BA spokesman said: “This was resolved without the need for police action, as it at one stage seemed it would be, and we will be taking no further action.”

Following the incident a spokesman for Morrissey said: “Neil is a very nervous flyer and did have a few drinks. He is not the sort of person to deliberately cause offence.”