Natural History Museum reopens Hintze Hall as transformation continues

Natural History Museum reopens Hintze Hall as transformation continues

The Natural History Museum is celebrating the reopening of its spectacular Hintze Hall by offering a free prize draw to win an exclusive preview of the new displays before they open to the public at 10:00 on July 14th.

This summer showcases the museum’s transformation into a Natural History Museum for the future.

Plunging through the heart of the iconic main hall, a gigantic blue whale skeleton will lead a cast of natural world stars, telling the dramatic story of evolution, diversity in the world today and our urgent role in the planet’s future. 

The blue whale is the largest-known animal to have ever lived on earth.

Driven to the brink of extinction by hunting, it was the first species humans took a decision to save.

It tells a story of hope.


The real 25.2 metre female skeleton will take centre stage among hundreds of new displays across three floors, including ten other star specimens - one in each of the ground floor alcoves.

The winner of the exclusive preview and up to five guests will be given a private tour of the new displays and take part in an opening ceremony welcoming the first members of the public.

Sir Michael Dixon, director of the Natural History Museum, said: “The natural world is changing fast and so are we.

“It’s in our grasp to shape a sustainable future - but our decisions have to be informed by understanding our past and present.

“The blue whale is a perfect symbol of this story of hope.

“To share this story far and wide we are offering lucky winners of our free prize draw the chance to be some of the first in the world to see the newly transformed Hintze Hall.

“I look forward to welcoming them to the museum.”

To enter the free prize draw visit the Natural History Museum’s website here.