Munich is celebrating 200 years of beer gardens

Munich is celebrating 200 years of beer gardens

2012 will see the 200th anniversary of the edict which permitted beer brewers to sell retail quantities of their own beer in their beer cellars from June until September and to serve beer and bread to their guests.
The beer garden tradition still enjoys great popularity and is the hallmark of Bavarian Gemütlichkeit, tolerance and ease. While beer gardens sell food, it’s also a tradition to bring one’s own picnic…On balmy summer nights Bavarians love to pack their picnic baskets and to enjoy the dimming of the day with a beer from the tap, bread, cucumbers, radishes cut in an elaborate spiral, homemade Obatzda cheese, grapes, ham, and sausages. In the beer garden young and old people, locals and foreigners, revelers from all social classes mix in a casual get together.

Far beyond the borders of Bavaria beer gardens are regarded as a typical expression of the Bavarian way of life.
When you visit Munich, just sit down at one of the tables with locals - it is a custom in Bavaria, to join complete strangers and enjoy each other’s company. More details can be found at:

Munich Highlights 2012 - related to beer and tradition

until Sept. 1, 2012 “200 Years of Beer Gardens”
Special exhibition about the history of beer and beer gardens, Location: Beer and

Jul. 15, 2012 Kocherlball
traditional cooks and servants ball, Location: English Garden/Chinese Tower,

Jul. 21 - 22, 2012 Munich’s Beer Garden Weekend
Numerous events with music, dance and Bavarian food will take place in several beer gardens in


Jul. 21, 2012 Brass bands, Schuhplattler dancers, whip-crackers, folk dancing, family celebration
Note: Only in nice weather, Location: Aumeister beer garden in the English Garden,

Jul. 21, 2012 Historical anniversary celebration including coopers whip-crackers, beer served in steins
Location: Augustiner-Keller and beer garden,
Jul. 21, 2012 9th Hofbräu-Dult
Great brewery festival with brewery tour, market stalls and free all-day entertainment program,
Location: Brewery facilities in Munich Riem,

Sept. 22 - Oct. 7, 2012 Oktoberfest
Location: Theresienwiese,