Mubarak banned from travel

Mubarak banned from travel

Former Egypt president Hosni Mubarak has been banned from travel the country has confirmed.

In a ruling which also covers his family, the prosecutor’s office said money and assets of the former dictator would also be frozen.

Estimates of the Mubarak family fortune range from $1bn to $70bn (£616m-£43bn).

Mubarak stepped down on February 11th, after almost 30 years in power, in the wake of mounting public protests.

An interim government was subsequently appointed, with a new constitution presently being drawn up.

Unrest has since spread across the region, with Libya the latest nation to see demonstrators attempt to overthrow an authoritarian regime.

Mubarak is presently resident in Sharm-el-Sheikh following his exit from capital Cairo.

Tourism in Egypt

Egypt has since begun to return to normal, with popular tourist destinations – including the pyramids and national museums – reopening earlier in the past weeks.

Luxor has also begun to recover, with Nile cruises back in operation.

However, BA has confirmed it will cancel services to Sharm-el-Sheikh in the east of the country following a drop in demand.