Miss Seychelles… another world 2012 heads to Italy for final preparations

Miss Seychelles… another world 2012 heads to Italy for final preparations

“Miss Seychelles…another world” 2012, the attractive Sherlyn Furneau, will be traveling to Rome in Italy in final preparations for the Miss World beauty pageant that will be held in August in Ordos, China. Seychelles’ newly-crowned beauty queen, accompanied by the head of the Events&Convention team of the Seychelles Tourism Board, will be in Rome from July 1-13, 2012.

The main objective of Ms. Furneau’s visit is to finalize her wardrobe for Miss World 2012 with the renowned Italian designer, Michele Miglionico, who is personally sponsoring her garments for the pageant. This visit has been organized with the aim of helping Seychelles’ reigning beauty queen to further gear up for the Miss World beauty pageant.

An intense program of activities, which starts immediately on the following day of her arrival, has been organized for Ms. Furneau. Featuring first on the program is a meeting with Mr. Miglionico and his team in regards to her wardrobe for the Miss World pageant.

While in Rome, Ms. Furneau will get the chance to be the subject of a three-day photo shoot that will take place in the most beautiful places of Rome. The photo shoot project has been initiated by Mr. Miglionico, who said that he hopes to make a positive contribution towards Ms. Furneau’s career and the promotion of her image. The photos will be used later during the year to raise funds in a charity event for the Seychelles Children’s Foundation.

Another highlight of Ms. Furneau’s trip will be the press conference that will take place on July 9 at the Angelica Biblioteque. The press conference has been organized by Mr. Miglionico in collaboration with the Seychelles Tourism Board and the Italy-based Seychelles Tourism Ambassador, Dorothy Furneau, who will also be present at the event. The press conference will be attended by the Seychelles Tourism Board’s Director for Europe, Bernadette Willemin, and the Seychelles Tourism Office Manager in Italy, Monette Rose, along with other guests.


On July 12, Ms. Furneau will also have the chance to grace a beauty contest in Bari of Italy as the special guest of honor of Mr. Miglionico, whereby the models of the event will be parading in his haute couture creation.

Apart from the scheduled meetings with Mr. Miglionico in regards to her garments, Ms. Furneau will also have the opportunity to undergo catwalk training, visit Rome, as well take an official visit to Civitavecchia Town where she will meet with the town’s mayor, Mr. Tidei and Mr. Carlo Romano, who is one of the “Miss Seychelles…another world” sponsors.