Michelin Star chefs prepare gala dinner at Costa Favolosa’s naming event

Michelin Star chefs prepare gala dinner at Costa Favolosa’s naming event

Preparations are in full swing for the naming of the Costa Favolosa on 2 July in Trieste and the event will involve two of the world’s top ambassadors of Italian cooking: Massimo Bottura and Carlo Cracco.

Costa Cruises’ new flagship will celebrate her debut with a gala dinner, based exclusively on the use of Italian products and recipes, created by two extraordinary, multiple Michelin star guest chefs.

Massimo Bottura’s restaurant Osteria Francescana and Carlo Cracco’s Milanese restaurant, Cracco, both possess two Michelin stars. Among the many awards received, the Osteria Francescana is in fourth place and is the “chef’s choice” in the S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants ranking, while Cracco has three forks in the Gambero Rosso culinary guide.

On 2 July, more than 2,000 guests on board the Costa Favolosa will attend the magnificent gala dinner. Bottura and Cracco have drawn inspiration from the ship for the menu and it will be a tribute to “Italianicity”.

Bottura has chosen dishes that remind him of his childhood in Modena, like Anolini with Parmesan Reggiano cheese; in this case, a pork-free variation of Anolini resting on a pure cream bed of Parmesan Reggiano cheese. Bottura also picked a dish made with cod, along with a variety of traditional ingredients representing various Italian regions such as creamed potatoes with hazelnuts from Piemonte and Sorrento lemons.


Veal medallion with traditional tuna sauce, Caprese salad and asparagus with eggs are the dishes that Carlo Cracco chose to interpret the menu.

The wines to be served during Costa Favolosa’s gala dinner were selected with the same care that Costa Cruises uses when choosing the wine list on board all fleet vessels. In addition to a select choice of champagnes and Italian sparkling wines, the wine cellars on board the Costa Favolosa and the other ships of the group include 2003 and 2004 vintages of Amarone Aneri riserva Stella, a wine appreciated throughout the world, with an unmistakeable bouquet for which each bottle has a label with the name of the ship.


Caprese - cherry tomato mousse with buffalo mozzarella, basil seeds and extra virgin olive oil

Rock salt marinated egg yolk with green asparagus cream and tips

Hand made Anolini with pure cream of Parmesan Reggiano

Veal medallion with traditional tuna sauce, capers and celery

Cod in black crust, creamed potatoes with Umbrian black truffles and hazelnuts

Cassata siciliana - ricotta cheese, green pistachios and red cherries in an Italian meringue