Meet Anantara’s wellness expert naturopathic

Meet Anantara’s wellness expert naturopathic

Doctor Govindasamy Gopal was born and raised in a multi-cultural village in the state of Tamil Nadu in South India, where his traditional herbalist grandfather worked as the village health guru.

At the age of 15 Govindasamy’s own pathway into natural remedies began to take shape, with startling results, when he saw a children’s vaccination programme being carried out in his local village.  Though the service was welcomed by the villagers, Govindasamy noticed that the medicine didn’t necessarily suit all the children. In response he decided to search for natural methods to replace the vaccinations, and consequently advocated healthy eating, meditation and yoga.  At first his fellow villagers thought he had finally lost the (natural) plot, that is, until they started seeing real results. 

It came as no surprise therefore that a naturopathic path beckoned - “I like to follow natural healing pathways which promote wellness without harming the body, so I started learning about naturopathy, acupuncture, yoga and nutrition, and it made so much sense. These gentle therapies address the underlying problem, rather than masking over it, and help people to feel better for the long term with no adverse side effects. I’ve met people who have been helped by these practices when no other western medicine has worked, and on a more personal level they’ve enabled me to improve my own health as well as my own family’s.”

Putting his money where his mouth is, quite literally eating by example, Dr Gopal never pays a visit to the doctor, instead treating himself simply by eating the right food to rectify imbalances.

Putting his multi-faceted skill set to good use, Dr Gopal has been a central figure for over two years now at Anantara Si Kao’s unique Wellness 360 retreat.


Offering four unique and results oriented programmes; detox, de-stress, weight loss and quit smoking, Dr Gopal has become renowned as an outgoing naturopathic consultant with a passion for his specialist health fields that takes personal health to a whole new level.  He never tires of teaching clients about healthy lifestyle, body detoxification and food - explaining how to eat, what to eat, when to eat and how to combine.

“I take a detailed health history of the client, then based on their individual body needs I advise treatments as well as healthy lifestyle tips. The majority of my clients are happy to have learnt more about how to take their health into their own hands and therefore follow the wellness 360 concept even when they return home. It is truly an enriching and rewarding experience to see how people have turned their lives around through my natural teachings!”