Medvedev turns on airport managers following blast

Medvedev turns on airport managers following blast

Russian president Dmitry Medvedev has said “clear security breaches” contributed to the carnage wrought at by an explosion at Domodedovo Airport in Moscow yesterday.

Local media reports a suicide bomber detonated some seven kilograms of TNT explosives in the arrivals hall of the airport, killing 35 people and injuring more than 100.

Pictured: 35 people are believed to have been killed in the explosion

“Someone had to try very hard to carry or bring through such a vast amount of explosives,” Medvedev said earlier.

There were “early indications” one British national – named by the Foreign Office Gordon Campbell Cousland – had been killed in the explosion.

British Airways and bmi operated flights arrived at the airport in the minutes before the incident.



Russian security agencies have cited nationalist militants from the northern Caucuses as the most likely perpetrators of the attack.

In March last year two female suicide bombers from Dagestan detonated explosives on the Moscow underground network, killing 40 people.

However, president Medvedev was quick to suggest more should have been done to prevent the latest outrage.

“Judging from the location and other indirect signs, this was a well-prepared terrorist attack aiming to kill as many people as possible.

“The airport is good, and this is recognised by all.

“It is new and modern. However, what happened shows, clearly, there were violations in providing security.”

Reports from Russia also suggest authorities may have been warned about the imminent attack up to a week ago.

“The special services had received information an act of terror would be carried out at one of the Moscow airports,” a security source told the RIA Novosti news agency.

“Agents were seeking three suspects but they managed to access the territory of the airport, witness the explosion which their accomplice carried out and then leave the airport.”


The attacks have been condemned around the world.

American secretary of state Hilary Clinton said: “I would like to express a very strong condemnation on today’s terrorist attack at the Moscow airport.

“We stand with the people of Russia in this moment of sorrow and grief and we offer both our condolences and our very strong solidarity as they continue the struggle that so many of us face in combating and eliminating this international terrorist threat.”

In Britain David Cameron offered his support to Russia while condemning the attack.