LOT Polish Airlines to consolidate Warsaw - New York service at JFK

LOT Polish Airlines to consolidate Warsaw - New York service at JFK

On September 1, 2012, LOT Polish Airlines will move its operations at JFK from Terminal 4 to Terminal 1.  LOT will also transfer all its Newark flights to JFK airport beginning Oct. 29, 2012. This move allows LOT to operate a larger number of flights offered from JFK and to provide a more consistent and attractive schedule for its New York passengers, particularly those in the business community.

These changes will lead to improved service for passengers traveling from New York and for those traveling from more than 80 cities within the U.S who are connecting to LOT flights from its U.S. partners.  LOT recently announced a new partnership with JetBlue at JFK.  LOT’s analysis shows JFK has greater traffic potential than Newark and better supports LOT’s mid- and long-term network strategy.

Terminal 1 at JFK, which is used by the world’s largest airlines, including many Star Alliance partners, ensures a high level of service to LOT passengers.  The changes in New York are an important part of the preparations to launch LOT’s service on Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft in January 2013.

“We believe the consolidation of our flights from New York and terminal changes at JFK will provide better service to our existing and future passengers, particularly in light of our new partnership with JetBlue”, said Marcin Pirog, CEO of LOT Polish Airlines.

Passengers already booked on suspended Newark services will be offered a departure from JFK or a full refund of their tickets and will be notified by their travel agent or directly by LOT.