London 2012 Festival gets underway with free events

London 2012 Festival gets underway with free events

As Saturday gets underway in the capital – when a total of 38 Olympic gold medals will be awarded – residents and visitors to London can also prepare for a dazzling weekend of free events in the capital for the London 2012 Festival.

These are part of more than ten million free opportunities to take part in the spectacular UK-wide celebration, which began on Midsummer’s Day on 21 June and continues to the final day of the Paralympic Games on 9 September.

Dozens of free London 2012 Festival events will take place across the capital this weekend, in addition to many further paid for opportunities. They will allow people of all ages to enjoy the work of leading artists and emerging talents from the UK and around the world in theatre, film, music, visual art, heritage, photography, sculpture, literature, architecture, fashion, ceramics and outdoor performance – all at no cost.

Ruth Mackenzie, Director, London 2012 Festival, said: “This weekend has world class free art as well as world class sport. The London 2012 Festival has an amazing free programme for thousands to enjoy ”

Click here  to see a full list of the free events taking place.