Leonardo di Caprio voted top ‘cruise companion’

Leonardo di Caprio voted top ‘cruise companion’

A new study by an independent cruise comparison website has revealed the top ten celebrities that Britons would most like to go on a cruising holiday with; with Leonardo di Caprio topping the list.

Robbie Williams, Peter Kay and Miranda Hart also made the list.

The study, conducted by www.CruiseCompare.co.uk, was part of research into which celebrities Britons would most like to share the experience of a cruising holiday with, whether it be for friendship, or the entertainment value.

The respondents were initially asked the multi-answer question Which of the following celebrities would you most like to go on a cruise with?.

Leonardo di Caprio topped the poll with 73 per cent, shortly followed by comedian Peter Kay and cruise ship entertainer, Jane Macdonald. 


According to the results, below are the top 10 celebrities that Britons would most like to go on a cruise with:

• Leonardo di Caprio – 73 per cent  
• Peter Kay – 69 per cent
• Jane Macdonald – 66 per cent
• Tom Cruise – 64 per cent
• Richard Gear – 61 per cent
• Tom Jones – 59 per cent
• George Clooney – 54 per cent
• Miranda Hart – 51 per cent
• Robbie Williams – 48 per cent
• Catherine Zeta Jones – 44 per cent

When asked to stipulate why they had chosen certain celebrities, a third, 32 per cent, of the respondents that would like to cruise with Leonardo di Caprio stated that it was because of his role in the Oscar winning film, Titanic; whilst a further 12 per cent said it was for his ‘attractive appearance’.

A quarter, 23 per cent, of the respondents who would like to experience a cruise with Peter Kay, cited that it was for ‘entertainment,’ while a further 19 per cent said it was for his ‘friendship’.

Danielle Fear, managing director of CruiseCompare.co.uk, said: “This was really fun research to conduct and the results were really interesting.

“It is funny to see that people associate Leonardo di Caprio with cruising simply because he was the lead role in Titanic. I can see why people would enjoy going on a cruise with Peter Kay; people would never be short of laughs if he was around!” 

She continued: “There is a perfect cruise available for everyone; some may prefer high entertainment and celebrity guests, whilst others may prefer floating on the ocean and experiencing breathtaking views with a low-key relaxed atmosphere. Of course, there is a happy medium too, and there is always a cruise that offers a little bit of both worlds.”