Le Guanahani joins with Estelle Lefébure to offer Orahe retreats

Le Guanahani joins with Estelle Lefébure to offer Orahe retreats

St. Barth’s most irresistible private enclave, newly renovated Le Guanahani, has partnered with French wellness sensation and former supermodel Estelle Lefébure to offer wellness retreats based on her exclusive Orahe method.

Orahe is a raison d’etre that encompasses beauty, sports and culinary experiences based on the belief that a healthy, happy life can be achieved with three principles: eat, move, be.

The three and five day programs led by Estelle combine gymnastics, pilates and yoga on a stand up paddle board with comprehensive, nutritional menus and specially created spa treatments at the in-house Spa by Clarins to offer a simple, enjoyable path to wellbeing.

Estelle incorporates ‘mindfulness’ techniques through each physical activity, enabling guests to anchor themselves to the present moment, leave the worries and concerns of daily life behind and ultimately equip them with the tools to lead a healthier, stress free lifestyle when they return home.

The healthy, organic menus are tailored to each guest by physiologist and nutritionist Bruno Lacroix and prepared by Le Guanahani’s chef Philippe Masseglia.


At the in-house Spa by Clarins nestled amongst the exotic tropical gardens the relaxation experience is complete with an Orahe massage.

Carried out by the world class Clarins trained therapists the treatment is designed to target problem stress retaining areas and encourage a peaceful state of body and mind.