LATAM invests $100m in technological development

LATAM invests $100m in technological development

LAN Airlines and its affiliates and TAM Airlines, part of LATAM Airlines Group, have invested over US$100 million in technology projects this year to improve the passenger experience and facilitate the job of its workforce.

As part of the first LAN and TAM [email protected], an annual event to showcase the latest technological advances of LATAM Airlines Group, the airlines announced eight digital advances that seek to enhance the LAN and TAM Airlines passenger experience and provide better service before and during the flight.

The projects presented include big advances and investments in smartphone applications.

Thanks to these applications, passengers on both airlines can manage all aspects of their trip via the LAN and TAM mobile app as well as downloading electronic boarding passes.

Another improvement is the development of systems to update and communicate the company’s Flight Status information more efficiently, giving passengers more information about their flights and available options in the event of any changes as they occur.


LAN and TAM also introduced a partnership with YouTube which starts this month and allows the airlines to incorporate the best content from the search engine’s most popular channels into their in-flight entertainment offering.

At the event, the airlines also announced the launch of LAN and TAM Entertainment, a wireless in-flight entertainment system for personal devices allowing passengers to watch movies, TV shows and videos via their own mobile devices including smart phones, tablets and laptops.

The LAN and TAM digital strategy also involves implementing new technologies that simplify and optimise the job of its workforce, aimed at making a contribution to the excellent service each worker provides passengers, directly or indirectly.

The airlines have introduced three projects in which they will implement tablets loaded with specifically-designed software to manage the data and operations of the head flight attendants, pilots, and aircraft maintenance hubs.

This will reduce data processing times, costs and resources, as well as improving safety and efficiency rates for ground and inflight operations.

In addition to the passenger operation, LAN and TAM’s Cargo units are also developing an investment plan for systems totalling US$25 million in digital solutions for cargo customers.

Jerome Cadier, LATAM Airlines group vice president of marketing, commented: “At LAN and TAM, we want passengers to have the ability to make the best use of their time.

“We are transforming the traditional travel experience to a faster, more mobile experience, with less waiting at airports, shorter connection times, more in-flight entertainment options and better information in the event of contingencies.

“We are offering some of the most extensive smart phone and tablet solutions and services available from airlines in Latin America.”