Kuoni launches new iPad app for holidaymakers

Kuoni launches new iPad app for holidaymakers

iPad users can now enjoy fast access to Kuoni’s range of brochures, videos, travel article feeds and websites with a new app.

The app is available to download now from Apple’s App Store, and is free.

The app is automatically kept up to date with Kuoni’s full range of brochures, which once downloaded can be read anytime, even when the user is not connected to the internet.

Updates to previously downloaded brochures are flagged for the customer’s convenience, and in addition the app checks for new brochures each time it is started.

Developed by digital publishing specialists Inbro, the app has already been downloaded and installed by hundreds of users, to whom it has delivered thousands of brochures.

Users also have easy access to the Kuoni website directly from within the app.

“The app’s purpose is to provide the user with the convenience of a single point of contact with the Kuoni brand on their personal device, which is why it offers one-stop access to news, video and an easy to use website link as well as all of Kuoni’s brochure content.

“We want the Kuoni brand to go to the customer rather than vice versa,” said Inbro director Matt Gillam.
Download here.