Kuoni launches new, eco-friendly holiday brand

Kuoni launches new, eco-friendly holiday brand

Swiss-based tour operator Kuoni has announced the launch of its brand new environmentally responsible travel offering, ananea.

Aimed at those travellers who want to book ethical travel, the new offering underpins the company’s long-term credentials as a responsible and sustainable travel company.

The holidays available under the ananea brand - a word that derives from the ancient Greek word for renewal - are available only via an e-brochure.

The trips within the brochure provide respectful, authentic and responsible travel experiences, from jungle hideaways to volunteering trips, from tours way off the beaten track to indulgent luxury escapes.

Holidaymakers can relax in one of the 21 carefully chosen hotels around the world, many of them being lavish retreats that meet the highest standards of sustainable tourism and fair employment, from Italy holidays and Morocco to the Maldives, Costa Rica and Kenya.

“The concept of ananea is all about unforgettable experiences, sustainability and respectful travel,” explained Dagmar Marrocco, market manager for Kuoni.

“People want to go on holiday and learn about the community and give something back.

“These are holidays for those whose urge to preserve is as strong as their desire to discover.

“It is part of our mission to be a socially and environmentally aware tour operator.”