Kuoni introduces brite spokes

Kuoni introduces brite spokes

Kuoni, a leading global broad-based travel services provider for over 100 years, has launched a completely new brand based in the United States: brite spokes.

brite spokes is a contemporary brand offering an ever-evolving set of thematic trips, exclusive experiences and personally enriching adventures.

The brand’s experiential packages are developed from an enthusiast’s perspective and with current as well as developing trends in mind.

Jane Rossmango, chairman, brite spokes added: “The United States is a world trendsetter of special interests that run the full gamut.

“From the ordinary to the truly extraordinary, our experiences aim to surpass the expectations of the most fervent aficionado.

“How? By keeping it fresh!”

“Of equal importance is the mindset of the modern traveller who would like to plan a trip as unique as he or she may be, but doesn’t have the time, resources or connections to do so.

“With these considerations in mind brite spokes has built innovative programs with highly researched and distinct elements, as well as partners to support a truly incredible journey.”

brite spokes will be sold to both domestic as well as international markets and boasts a personality that matches its audience character.

The new brand does however have extremely established Kuoni roots.

brite spokes chief executive Mark Morello stated: “brite spokes represents Kuoni’s deep respect for innovation and the company’s commitment to producing quality products and reliable client services.”

The brand is also supported by its sister company, AlliedTPro, a US inbound market and ground transportation leader for the past 60 years.