Korean Air to allow personal electronic devices

Korean Air to allow personal electronic devices

Korean Air has announced that it will allow the use of Portable Electronic Devices for the entire duration of the flight starting.

Korean Air has obtained approval of the safety evaluation for expanding the use of such devices from the Korean ministry of land, infrastructure and transport.

Accordingly, both international and domestic passengers travelling with Korean Air will be allowed to use PEDs during all phases of flight including takeoff and landing.

PED means any piece of lightweight, electrically-powered equipment such as smartphones, PCs, electronic books and MP3 players.

So far, passengers have not been permitted to use PEDs even though the devices are operated in “airplane mode” during takeoff running or in preparation for landing.

In addition, heavier electronic devices such as full-sized laptop computers should be kept safely under seats or in overhead bins during taxi, take-off and landing.

Devices such as FM/AM radios, portable TV receivers, walkie-talkies and radio-controlled toys are not permitted to be used in-flight.

On occasions, the flight attendants will have the authority to restrict the use of PEDs in-flight, such as when the aircraft is performing landing in low visibility, or if the device is affecting the aircraft’s navigation system.

In such instances, the flight attendants can ask passengers to turn off their devices immediately.