Korean Air increases flight frequencies to Americas

Korean Air increases flight frequencies to Americas

Korean Air has unveiled details of its flight schedule adjustment plans for the upcoming IATA Summer Season, from March 31st to October 26th 2013.

The carrier will strengthen its routes to the Americas and provide customers with widened flight options.

The current five times a week flights from Seoul/Incheon to Seattle, Dallas and Toronto will be increased to seven times a week and the three times weekly flights from Seoul/Incheon to Las Vegas will be increased to four times a week.

In total, the frequency of Korean Air’s flights to the Americas will rise to 115 flights a week.

There will be significant changes in Korean Air’s flights to Japan.

The airline expects an increase in demand on the Narita route due to the Open Skies agreement and it will increase frequency on its Seoul/Incheon - Tokyo/Narita route from 28 times a week to 35 times a week, operating five flights every day.

In addition, the previous daily flights on the Seoul/Incheon - Narita - LA route will be put on the Seoul/Incheon - Narita - Honolulu route instead.

Frequency on the Busan - Narita route will also increase from seven times a week to 14 times a week, operating two flights every day.

Flights to other destinations in Japan are also being increased.

The Seoul/Incheon - Komatsu route will increase from four times a week to five times a week and the Seoul/Incheon - Okayama route will change from seven times a week to nine times a week.

Korean Air will also strengthen its reach into the Chinese market by increasing frequency on the Cheongju - Hangzhou route (from once a week to four times a week) and opening a new four times weekly route between Busan and Nanjing.

The carrier will also reduce flights.

Flights from Seoul/Incheon to Hakodate, Nagasaki, Melbourne and Gatwick (London) will be suspended and flight frequencies on the Seoul/Incheon - Jakarta and Seoul/Incheon - Ho Chi Min city routes will be reduced from ten times a week to seven times a week, and from seven times a week to four times a week respectively.

All airlines operating regular flights plan their schedules twice a year based on the IATA Summer/Winter seasons.

Focused on providing a service that meets the ever-changing needs of its customers, Korean Air’s network is continuously expanding, allowing passengers to enjoy more options and greater flexibility when travelling.