Korea: Be inspired - recharge your energy

Korea: Be inspired - recharge your energy

Part of the appeal of Koreais the many opportunities for visitors to re-energise both body and soul through some inspirational experiences. Using ‘Ki’ (Spirit), ‘Heung’ (Excitement), ‘Jeong’ (Affection) we want the traveller to tap into these sources to enrich health and well-being, just like a local.

Created specifically with the travel trade and consumer markets in mind, the supplement has been compiled with a number of strong features and travel ideas. From stays in a Buddhist temple or a ‘Hanok’ traditional house to spas and alternative therapies to enjoying the world’s best sporting events,Korea can offer great choice for any traveller.

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) in London, UK has published the second in a series of bespoke and editorially led magazines - Korea: Be inspired - recharge your energy – which, as with the last edition introduces the finding of ‘peace and well-being’, ‘health and fitness’ and your personal ‘balance and harmony’ through ‘Yin, Yang’, but also added plenty more content to new areas and markets that Korea is developing (see below):

The magazine includes in-depth editorial on the following:
* Finding your soul inSeoul
* Korea’s healthy cuisine
* Let Korea’s water features inspire you
* The top five cultural experiences
* Focus on Temple and ‘Hanok’ stay
* Jeju Island: Korea’s slice of paradise
* The top three mountains for hiking
* Rail & Cruise
* Korea: an Asian hub for sports tourism
* Expo 2012 & MICE

Read the features and download the magazine here: