Koh Samui Villas Launch New Villas at Bo Phut Beach, Thailand

Koh Samui Villas Launch New Villas at Bo Phut Beach, Thailand

Thailand’s coast is the spot for stunning views, romantic getaways and active endeavors that include diving, kayaking, and elephant trekking.  The hidden bays, marine life and exotic rain forests are perfect for an adventurous holiday.  Villas for rent in Koh Samui make discovering the beach and its surrounding terrain a once in a lifetime experience.

For those looking for the best that there is to offer, a luxury villa on the beach is one way to make the most out of the time relaxing.  Villa specialists, Villa Getaways has launched a selection of new villas at Bo Phut beach on beautiful Koh Samui opening the way for families to take advantage of this incredible area in the utmost comfort.

One of the villas offered by Villa Getaways comes complete with a swimming pool, concierge service, a game room, entertainment centers, and a wine cellar. www.kohsamuivillagetaways.com/koh-samui-villa-4119/.  Its location is the key to finding adventure close at hand and the perfect place to relax at the end of the day with a massage and some time in the sauna.

The Koa Tao Dive Center nearby offers dive enthusiasts a chance to explore the marine life up close.  Two dives in the morning to sites like White and Green rock, Shark Island and Koh Nang Yaun offer glimpses into the beautiful fish, sharks, and labyrinths of underwater coral.  The center has courses for beginners, night dives every second evening, and afternoon excursions for those who want to pack the most their time. 

Apart from the underwater adventure Bo Phut Beach offers a unique glimpse into the history of Koh Samui with Fisherman’s Village.  Wooden Chinese shop-houses have been converted to restaurants and cafes.  The quiet off the beaten path charm dates back to the areas former use as a French outpost.  There has been a visible effort to limit the traditional club and party scene resulting in a getaway for those looking for quality time with their loved ones.
Fisherman’s village restaurants range from small and charming to elegant and hopping.  For Seafood, Jazz and a vibrant social scene try the Happy Elephant half way down the main drag.  For modern fusion cuisine try Fifty Six Fusion.  The small restaurant offers a candle lit dinner on Saturdays and live modern Thai dancing every Wednesday.  Other local favorites are Karma Sutra and Alla Baia which offer adult sophistication and well rounded menus.


A short jeep ride away from the Koh Samui Villa is Samui, a tropical rain forest offering lush vegetation and unspoiled beauty.  Touring the region is best done by elephant and a variety of day treks give the adventurous a chance to ride through the trails as explorers.  Visit exotic pristine stretches of forest that is home to monkeys, exotic bird, and Buddha Temples with trained guides showing you the unseen at every bend and corner.

For those looking for a less strenuous way to enjoy the incredible surroundings the concierge at the Koh Samui Villa can arrange a day trip full of thrills traversing the treetops by canopy.  The location is perfect for breathtaking views, waterfalls, and features six different tree houses and a treetop bar for relaxing in between destinations.  The course is well maintained, guides are multilingual, and brings a new perspective to the already beautiful surroundings.

Vacations are meant to be time to explore, relax and recharge and indulge in luxury.  Bo Phut Beach offers all of these elements to those looking for fun, sun, and adventure.  The Koh Samui Villas, the islands diving and rain forests, and the many exotic options available to those who take the plunge come in way over the waterline and brings return visitors year after year.  Find out for yourself why those who go make it a habit to return on your next vacation.

Villa Getaways can be contacted via their website www.thaivillagetaways.com