Key travel expands Amadeus deal

Key travel expands Amadeus deal

Key Travel has announced it will renew and extend the scope of its agreement with Amadeus to underpin current and future growth plans in the United Kingdom, North America and European markets.

Key Travel is Europe’s leading Travel Management Company dedicated to the Charity, Faith and Academic sectors, supporting over 3,500 clients.

Spence Knudson, chief executive of Key Travel explained: “We asked Amadeus to undertake a technology review of our current solutions to demonstrate how we could work together to shape the future of travel for our customers.

“Implementing the latest technology is critical to our continued growth in the UK and it forms the backbone of our plans for domestic and international expansion.”

He continued: “The suite of solutions that will be implemented includes leading technologies such as Amadeus Master Pricer, which powers our award-winning, in-house point-of-sale application, KT-MOM.

“We are also delighted to be the UK driver customer for a new Amadeus mobile solution that will be entirely suited to our needs.

“Critical to the decision-making process and renewal of the partnership was Amadeus’ ability to demonstrate overall value, where the far-reaching benefits will be felt across the whole organisation.

“It is this flexible and customer-oriented approach, combined with impressive investment in new travel technology that influenced our decision.”

Diane Bouzebiba, managing director of Amadeus UK & Ireland also expressed her support for the deal.

She explained: “We were delighted to undertake a strategic growth assessment of Key Travel’s dynamic business.

“Building on our long-term partnership, Key Travel’s innovative IT team worked along with our own experts to design a comprehensive suite of solutions and value added services that will help the company realise its ambitious growth plans in the UK and beyond.

“Key Travel’s customers will continue to enjoy the unrivalled data accuracy and information sharing between their TMC and 140 airlines using the same Amadeus community IT platform.

“Travel consultants will also benefit from a faster, easier and more streamlined working environment using new integrated booking solutions such as Amadeus Light Ticketing for low cost carriers.

“We are genuinely excited about Key Travel’s future plans and we are thrilled to be playing an integral part in the company’s ongoing success story.”