Kenya welcomes additional Qatar Airways flights

Kenya welcomes additional Qatar Airways flights

Kenya’s east African affairs, and tourism cabinet secretary, Phyllis Kandie, has welcomed Qatar Airways’ decision to increase its frequency between Doha and Nairobi by adding four additional weekly flights to and from the capital city. 

Beginning September 1st, 2013, the airline will increase its A320 aircraft flights to 18 flights per week, up from the current 14 flights.

“The additional Qatar Airways flights is very good news for Kenya,” said Kandie.

“From a business perspective, it will give increased passenger capacity which will positively contribute towards the economic growth of our country. 

“For visitors, the increased availability to fly to Nairobi directly from the international hub of Doha enables passengers to reach our country with more ease than ever before. All of this contributes to the economic growth of Kenya and towards the achievement of our Vision 2030 goals.”

Country manager, Kenya for Qatar Airways, Clifford Christopher noted the higher customer demand, both in passenger and cargo transport as the business case for adding more flights.

“As a travel destination, Nairobi has also grown in popularity over the last few years, said Christopher.

“Tourists from all over the world are increasingly flocking to the capital city as an entry point to Kenya and a gateway to East Africa.”

Demand for transport to and from Nairobi has increased dramatically as a business and leisure hub for East and Central Africa, especially as a result of Kenya’s economic growth, up 4.8 per cent since 2012.

This is in part due to the country’s increase in exports of fresh produce, flowers and foliage, and of course, tea of which Kenya is one of the world’s largest exporters.