Kate Adie to guest speak at Mr Fogg’s Residence

Kate Adie to guest speak at Mr Fogg’s Residence

This July, as part of their renowned Explorer Series, Mr Fogg will welcome illustrious war correspondent, Kate Adie, into his humble Mayfair abode, Mr Fogg’s Residence.

The guest of honour will be in attendance for an evening filled with Appleton Estate 12 Year Old Rum cocktails and an insight into her incredible career and achievements.

Kate will be visiting Mr Fogg’s Residence on Monday, July 24th, to reflect upon her often life-threatening experiences reporting from the frontline of some of the most dangerous and conflict-ridden places in the world, including The Gulf War and the war in Sierra Leone in 2000.

The majority of the adventures Kate undertook where whilst she was in the position of chief news correspondent for the BBC, a position which she held for fourteen years.

Just like Mr Fogg himself, Adie has been courageously eager to explore and report on locations where no one else would dare to visit.


Earlier in her career Adie was sent to report on catastrophic disasters such as the American bombing of Tripoli in 1986 and the Lockerbie Bombing in 1988.

However, Adie’s journey does not stop there.

After witnessing some of the most horrific sites, she has chosen to relay her experiences in the form of best-selling novels including The Kindness of Strangers, in 2002, and Into Danger: People Who Risk Their Lives for Work, in 2008.

Adie has also been awarded an OBE and won the Richard Dimbleby Award from BAFTA for her courage in reporting truth through the media.

Join her in Mr Fogg’s Mayfair home, settle in, and enjoy an evening of terrific tales with nail-biting narration, while sipping away on Appleton Estate 12 Year Old Rum cocktails, curated using Appleton Estate Signature Blend, Reserve Blend and Rare Blend.

The presentation will commence at precisely 19:01 with a 50-minute talk followed by a ten-minute question and answer.