K Hotels Partners With European Hotel Giant JJW Hotels & Resorts

K Hotels Partners With European Hotel Giant JJW Hotels & Resorts

Los Angeles-based hotel representation company K Hotels is proud to announce a joint venture with the Austrian subsidiary of JJW Hotels & Resorts, a premier collection of more than 60 hotels in Europe and the Middle East.

In an effort to provide hotel members the best service possible, as well as an extended system of sales and marketing support K Hotels and JJW Hotels & Resorts will join forces starting this spring.

This extraordinary partnership will expand K Hotels’ presence in the European market under the moniker K Hotels Europe. Properties will benefit from brand-new services previously unavailable to K Hotels members made possible by the joint venture with JJW Hotels & Resorts, an exponential increase in overall sales and marketing expertise and a larger outreach. K Hotels will establish a sales office in Vienna and will augment European sales and operations personnel, thus creating new relationships and opportunities throughout Europe and the Middle East for member hotels.

“This new relationship between the two groups will prove fruitful for both companies to promote greater hotel relationships throughout the world,” said the founder and chairman of JJW Hotels & Resorts, Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber. “K Hotels brings a wealth of experience in sales and marketing and is a highly interesting complement to the strategy for our unique properties in Europe and the Middle East.”

“We are thrilled to enter into this partnership with JJW Hotels & Resorts, a wonderful and exclusive hospitality group,” said Michael Palmer, CEO, K Hotels. “The creation of K Hotels Europe will really serve to increase K Hotels’ worldwide presence, and we look forward to creating new relationships in Europe and the Middle East through JJW Hotels & Resorts.”


“The new strategic partnership between JJW Hotels & Resorts and K Hotels creates a win-win situation for both partners and exciting new possibilities for the more than 110 hotels involved,” stated Karim Jalloul, Owner’s Representative and Managing Director of JJW Hotels & Resorts Austria and Eastern Europe. “With the exchange of our respective advantages in the European and the US market and our combined effort we are to create a strong and worldwide network with mutual benefits.”

“Our overall strategy at K Hotels is to provide the best in hotel representation throughout the world and partnering with JJW Hotels & Resorts is a great step towards accomplishing this goal,” said Lara Weiss, Managing Director, K Hotels. “By establishing this partnership, K Hotels will really be able to continue to bring the support and results we’re known for to all of our members.”