JetSmarter adds Dubai to portfolio of private jet destinations

JetSmarter adds Dubai to portfolio of private jet destinations

JetSmarter has launched of the first-ever shared, private JetShuttle flight that will connect Europe and the Middle East.

The service offers members single-seat trips on flights between Dubai and London.

For the first-time in the private aviation industry, travellers will be able to reserve seats on direct, scheduled flights between three continents – North America, Europe and the Middle East.

The Dubai to London JetShuttle flight, which will carry passengers on Legacy 650 aircrafts, departs from Dubai on Thursdays at 20:30, and flights from London to Dubai will be on Fridays at 12:00.

This new route will offer significant time savings for passengers traveling to and from each city, by arriving and leaving from Luton and Al Maktoum International airports, and avoiding the hassles of traveling through the two largest commercial airports in the world.


Travel time on this JetShuttle route is expected to be seven to eight hours, door to door, and passengers will arrive to their destination with the luxury of having their car transportation waiting for them on the tarmac.

“We have a large membership base in Dubai, and due to the high demand, we are expanding our intercontinental JetShuttle service which will now connect three major continents – North America, Europe and Asia,” said Sergey Petrossov, founder, JetSmarter.

“We’re proud to announce this new intercontinental route, as we further establish ourselves as the world’s leading private aviation company and continue our global expansion.”

This intercontinental JetShuttle flight will make Dubai the new Middle East/Asian hub for shared private jet travel, as JetSmarter members in Dubai will now have the opportunity to jet-set to other popular European and North American destinations on JetSmarter’s scheduled flights to cities including Nice, Ibiza, Milan, Moscow, Paris, Geneva, New York, Chicago, South Florida, Los Angeles and many more.

Reservations for this Intercontinental JetShuttle service are available now and can be made through the JetSmarter app, available for iOS and Android devices.