Jamaica goes 3D

Jamaica goes 3D

The beautiful island of Jamaica, voted “World’s Leading Cruise Destination” by World Travel Awards, is set to star in a destination video filmed entirely in 3D. The film has been created by eXposure4 Ltd, in partnership with the Jamaica Tourist Board.

This project has been in the pipeline since January 2010, and has proven to be an incredibly challenging and rewarding project for all involved. Using advanced techniques and cutting edge technology, the eXposure4 crew spent three weeks travelling across Jamaica to capture the island’s stunning scenery and culture in 3D film. Each scene was filmed with two synchronised cameras mounted on a specialised 3D double camera rig, before being edited together to create a unique visual masterpiece.

The storyline of the film spans one day in Jamaica, following the flight of the island’s national bird, the Doctor Bird, from sunrise to nightfall and beyond.  En route, viewers will be treated to incredible 3D footage, bringing the iconic sights of Jamaica to life like never before.  From swimming with horses, to thrill seekers zip-lining, to bobsledding through the rainforest, viewers will be transported to the very heart of this diverse and adventurous Caribbean island for an unforgettable journey.

John Lynch, Jamaica’s Director of Tourism, says: “Jamaica is the first destination in the world to embrace this technology in its entirety, and the results are visually stunning. This film really gives people around the world a chance to see Jamaica in ‘a new dimension’.”

While viewers will need to use standard red and cyan glasses to fully enjoy the destination film, it has been released in anaglyph 3D, which means it can be watched on any screen or laptop. The film will also be aired in private viewings and some cinemas around the world in polarised 3D, which requires special screens. This was a conscious decision taken by the eXposure4 team and Jamaica Tourist Board to ensure the widest possible audience enjoyment. The film will be accessible across multi-viewing platforms, including home televisions, laptops and computers, and even mobile phones. Viewers will be able to apply online for free, Jamaica-branded 3D glasses, which will be sent in the post to them. The destination video will be available on the internet on www.VisitJamaica.com and viewers can also request copies on a flexi DVD.


The first edit of the film is three and a half minutes long, and is shot to music custom composed by Mykaell Riley, founder of the Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra, ensuring it is suitable for a global audience without the need for translation or subtitles. A second, shorter version of around 30 – 45 seconds has also been created, which will be adapted for cinema screens around the world.