ITTFA launches targeted database for travel trade industry

ITTFA launches targeted database for travel trade industry

London based ITTFA, International Tourism Trade Fairs Association, has recently launched a new e-marketing opportunity aimed at the travel industry.  The Association has put together an extensive and significant list of relevant travel industry contacts which are now available to the industry on a select and send basis.

“Through our members and our cumulative industry knowledge, we have a host of industry contacts that we are now making available to the industry for targeted use,” comments Tom Nutley, ITTFA Chairman.  “By introducing this new scheme we hope to be able to provide an invaluable resource for the industry at competitive rates.  The facility will also underline the importance of trade events, at ITTFA we believe that travel trade fairs provide the backbone to the industry, acting as a place in which we can all meet and exchange knowledge and ideas.  This new opportunity will provide an extension to the traditional interchange channels and a new route for disseminating ideas and industry news.”

Those wishing to use the database can send initial enquiries via the ITTFA website, stating key criteria and this will be followed up with a proposal by return email.  A prepared message template is ready for use but there is a custom made facility available also.  The data will all remain strictly confidential whilst providing a communication link to contacts that might otherwise be difficult to access.

In today’s busy and competitive environment, trade associations offer members a secure and comfortable environment in which they can gain knowledge and exchange ideas.  Instead of going it alone, the power and voice of a group gets faster results and carries more weight. 

Antonio Dell’Aquilano, President of ITTFA says “ITTFA provides a platform from which travel trade shows can market both their collective and individual strengths. Doors to new markets are opened and shared and business gets done quicker. ITTFA offers us the opportunity to improve relations with our colleagues, and to learn more about their shows and markets.  We hope that this new initiative will help pass on some of these benefits.”