ITB Advisory: the consultation network for expert tourism advice

ITB Advisory: the consultation network for expert tourism advice

TB Berlin has set up a new consultation network that provides a meeting place for qualified experts and customers. ITB Advisory lets tourism associations, destinations, representatives of government and tourism experts communicate with travel industry experts who assist in analysing customers’ problems and developing new solutions. The members of this ITB consultation network undergo a certification procedure and are thus highly qualified. The focus of this advisory service, for which charges apply, is on further development, marketing and destination management. ITB Advisory uses well-proven methods of analysis and offers customers tailor-made, effective solutions. One of the strong points of this consultation service is the ability to communicate individual, up-to-the-minute knowledge.

David Ruetz, head of ITB Berlin: “In this fast-moving information age, obtaining the edge in terms of knowledge is the key to achieving success. ITB Advisory provides a common platform for customers and qualified advisers who can put their experience to good use by communicating practical and efficient solutions.“ Among the sponsors of ITB Berlin’s new consultation network are influential tourism industry players such as UNWTO, WTTC, PATA, ETC and other selected organisations.

Communicating knowledge at the ITB Berlin Convention

In order to provide its customers with a wide range of knowledge ITB Advisory is collaborating with the ITB Berlin Convention, the global travel industry’s largest think tank. Taking as its slogan ”brought to you by ITB Advisory“, ITB Advisory is sponsoring the ITB Destination Days. Topics include the challenges facing international destination management and the prospects for the future. At a workshop at this year’s ITB Convention, ITB Advisory will be offering practical tips. Under the heading of “How to obtain EU tourism funds“ the workshop provides an overview of the EU funds potentially available for tourism projects. Emcra, a leading organisation involved with EU funding, will provide valuable tips on how companies, regions and NGOs can make effective use of EU funds.

Wide range of topics at the Destination Days


At the ITB Berlin Convention this year’s Destination Days, which are sponsored by ITB Advisory, are providing wide-ranging information and highlighting best practices once again. The focus is on fast-growing travel markets such as health and barrier-free tourism, sustainable tourism, gay and lesbian tourism, as well as on emerging markets in Asia, South America, Spain, Turkey, Egypt and the countries on the Danube. This year’s Africa Forum is discussing Kaza, a beacon project and joint development venture involving five African countries. The South America Forum is looking at safety in tourism and how tourism destinations communicate with their visitors. A lecture on Spain as a tourism destination will show how a well-known tourism region is employing innovative measures to become much more attractive and competitive. This year’s Health Tourism Panel focuses on developments in health tourism. Experts will define target audiences, analyse the market situation and this segment’s future prospects. In 2013 the Health Tourism Battle will be taking place for the second time. Nine representatives of the health tourism sector will present their most innovative ideas and the audience will cast live votes for the winner, who will be rewarded with a flight to Berlin.