Iron Springs Resort: A Historic Washington Coast Resort Reborn

The new owners explain:
“Our family has always loved Iron Springs—quirks and all—it’s just a part of us. So when the opportunity came up to purchase the resort, we didn’t hesitate. It was important to us to maintain the things that first drew us to the place, while making some updates that simply improve upon what was already here.”

The renovation includes new kitchens, bathrooms, decks and furniture along with a range of amenities like flat screen TV’s, barbecues and Wi-Fi throughout the property. Thoughtful changes have been made with particular attention given to retaining the spirit and unique details that have made this place such a well-loved getaway. Some things remain the same—each cabin still has a wood burning fireplace or stove. Now more than ever, Iron Springs is a haven for family reunions, romantic getaways and city escapes.

A long time guest writes:
“We’ve been coming to Iron Springs since 1952. We saw the upside-down lifeboat over the entrance, learned they welcomed dogs and knew it was the place for us. Since then, our family has grown up here—vacations have always meant Iron Springs with early morning searches for beach glass, razor clam digs and relaxing by the fire. We’re so happy to have the chance to share this tradition now with our grandchildren.”

Iron Springs Resort was purchased by Olive Little in 1947. She continued to operate the resort until just prior to her passing almost sixty years later. Purchased in April of 2010 by long-time patrons, the resort offers secluded cabins, excellent razor clam digging and a warm welcome to all.