Invisiblehand soft launches hotel function

Invisiblehand soft launches hotel function

InvisibleHand, the free to download online shopping tool, announces the soft launch of its hotel function – this is the newest development which will automatically identify the cheapest and best available hotel accommodation online.

InvisibleHand will show you the best promise for the hotel you want and will recognise which area you are searching for. It will show you other hotel options which may be cheaper, have a better rating and in the same vicinity. In one click, users will have access to verified hotel reviews, to a map and info about the hotel’s amenities. This is currently available for UK and US users.

Since launch in August 2009, InvisibleHand has reached almost 2 million downloads. InvisibleHand has found online shoppers savings of over £65 million in the UK and over $479 million in the US. Currently over 600 retailers, hundreds of airlines and thousands of hotels are part of InvisibleHand, with more continually added.

Once downloaded, InvisibleHand uses real-time technology to discreetly and automatically alert shoppers if a product, flight and or hotel is available at a lower price elsewhere. It is available on all major web browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

Robin Landy, founder of InvisibleHand, says: “This is an exciting new function and is still in the development stage. Our developers are working round the clock to bring this new dimension to our users who are used to finding the best deal for their flights. They can now complete their perfect holiday by finding the right hotel at the right price.


“We believe the technology behind this new development is truly unique. Our hotel search technology is in tune with what users want and will look for the same or better rated hotels in the same area at a better price. It’s a win-win situation for anyone looking to get away.

“Since InvisibleHand’s launch in 2009, we have been able to pioneer real time price comparison, allowing online shoppers to feel confident they are getting accurate pricing information at any given time.”

InvisibleHand is free to download in less than a minute via the website,