warns families to check their travel insurance cover before travelling warns families to check their travel insurance cover before travelling

The latest research from Defaqto reveals that almost 28% of travel insurance policies don’t cover dependent children who are not normally resident with the main policyholder.  Leading travel insurance website,, is therefore urging parents to check their travel policies before heading abroad this summer to ensure their children and step-children are covered.

“The Defaqto figures highlight the need for families to check the details of their insurance policies” said Sarah Findlay, Online Marketing Manager of  “According to the survey nearly 28% of policies didn’t cover children or step children who do not live with the main policyholder and 48.5% didn’t cover children who travel independently.  However, there are many thousands of parents who holiday with a child or children that normally live with their ex-partner.

“This lack of cover could put children seriously at risk.  Indeed, our own research shows that the cost of claims in popular destinations can be hundreds of pounds, and sometimes over a thousand pounds. So it’s important to make sure the cover is provided for every member of the family

“Plus it’s also important to realise that medical care for children often costs the same as adult treatment, so proper travel insurance cover is the best way to manage these potential costs – as well as having access to a 24 hour medical support service should the worst happen,” continued Sarah Findlay.  “All single trip policies offer free insurance for children under 18 years of age, when travelling with a parent or guardian insured on the same policy, regardless of whether the child actually lives with that parent. This means that teenagers and younger members of the family are fully covered and parents can travel with confidence. We’re urging parents to check before they travel and make sure the kids are covered.”