ila takes holistic healing beyond the spa with new Amenities Range

ila takes holistic healing beyond the spa with new Amenities Range

ila’s commitment to delivering high quality, natural products now extends beyond the spa with the introduction of its new amenities range, allowing the sense of well-being generated by ila treatments to go one step further.

The ila amenities range allows spa providers to give a more holistic approach to guests by reinforcing the treatments they receive in the spa with the same sensory experience in their rooms. In addition, it provides guests with consistency and does not undermine the healing benefits of the spa treatments with a chemically based product.

Driven by the philosophy that everything begins with purity, ila uses only exceptionally pure ingredients which have been sourced and blended by ila to guarantee outstanding quality and healing benefits.

Housed in ila’s stunning signature colour packaging the Essentials Range has bottled up the same blends and healing benefits of the retail range to recreate the luxurious spa experience in gust rooms. Produced according to ila’s principals of purity, energy and balance the amenities range includes: ila Shampoo for Revitalising Hair enriched with natural extracts of quillaja, ylang ylang and geranium. ila Conditioner for Nourishing Hair enriched with purest ingredients including essential oils of apricot and jojoba. ila Bath Soak for Pure Relaxation distilled from natural extracts of vetivert, petitgrain and apricot oil. ila Hand & Body Lotion for Nurturing Skin made from purest extracts including apricot oil and rose geranium. ila Body Wash for Toning Skin made from natural extracts of apricot, quillaja and vetivert. ila Soap for Pure Cleansing enriched with natural argan oil and vetivert.

Each product in the Essentials Range is available in two sizes: 50ml which is recommended for standard rooms and 100ml which could be offered in premium rooms and suites. Packaging is made from 50% recycled plastic and is fully recyclable and amenities can be shipped in bulk for hotels who want to use their own bottles.


ila’s Turn Down Range offers unique sensory stimulation that will create a sense of well-being throughout all areas of the hotel and are simple and economical ways to entice guests to the spa. The range includes: Perfume Gift kundalini is one of ila’s most popular treatments and their organic and chemical-free eau de parfum made using the same blend is now available in gift-sizes. Pillow Spray made with jatamansi and vetivert to relax your mind and improve the quality of your sleep. Energy Spray made with orange blossom and geranium, this is for guests to spray on themselves or their clothes to energise their senses. Diffusers made with Vetivert, Jasmine and Wild Poppy release healing scents slowly and subtly over a six-week period, then needing only to be topped-up with oil. Turn-Down Music strong, positive emotions can be released by creating a beautiful, calming soundscape, which is important to mood and a core tenet of yogic healing and always results in increased bookings at the spa.

To truly make ila a holistic healing experience a Spa Bar range has been developed which allows guest to take home a little of ila’s healing benefits with travel packs inspired by ila’s most popular spa treatments. Once guest have experienced ila’s spa treatments they want to continue therapeutic gains when they return home, promoting a sense of well-being beyond the spa. ila Rainforest Renew Travel bag contains samples from ila’s latest range including Day Cream, Night Cream, Face Serum and Eye Serum. ila Travel Bag includes Face Oil for Glowing Radiance, Cleansing Milk for Natural Beauty, Hydrolat Toner for Hydrating the Skin, Body Balm for Feeding Skin and Senses and Blackcurrant and Honey Face Scrub for Revitalising the Skin.

ila goes beyond traditional beauty treatments to give an unparalleled sensory experience that can now extend beyond the spa. The amenities range shows supreme attention to detail, highly valued by guests, creating an unforgettable experience and making your hotel a premier destination on the spa circuit.