Identity Travel Israel unveils new travel agent partner program

Identity Travel Israel unveils new travel agent partner program

Identity Travel Israel, an Educational cross-cultural tour operator has announced today a new Travel Agent Partner Program. The program will allow travel agents from the UK, USA and Canada to enjoy favourable incentives by promoting the innovative “politically-relevant tour” niche market.

Identity Travel burst into the world of Israeli tours a year ago with the launch of its 10-day flagship politically-relevant tour of Israel. Eran Kolran, Director and Co-Founder at Identity Travel Israel, explains: “Our contention is that experiencing Israel’s rich history and cultural diversity can further one’s understanding of current events. Our customers consider their newfound understanding an attractive benefit.”

Identity travel is an allied member of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) and is well connected within the travel industry. Company executives will be touring USA and Canada in January to present the new program to travel agencies.

The new travel agent partner program offers travel agents worldwide the opportunity to sell the tours to groups and receive a favourable commission of up to $200 a person. The members will also have access to a special “partner web” where they can find all the information about the tours in one glance, including special limited-time offers, group specials, a stream of off-the-shelf graphically-designed itineraries and updates on upcoming attractions and tours as well as new Israeli hot spots.

Kolran says: “We are looking to provide our travel agent partners with everything they would need so that together we can reach more people and promote understanding through travel.”