Iberostar Isla Canela reopens following refurbishment

Iberostar Isla Canela reopens following refurbishment

Iberostar Isla Canela has inaugurated its new facilities following a complete refurbishment. 

The refurbishment, which included suites and communal spaces, has raised this four-star hotel to Iberostar’s highest standards of quality and demonstrates the chain’s commitment to the region.

As part of its 2013 strategy, Iberostar Hotels & Resorts has carried out a comprehensive renovation of its Iberostar Isla Canela services and facilities. 

The project involved the entire establishment, with special attention paid to the hotel’s 300 suites. 

Guests will be welcomed this season with suites featuring a new contemporary design, more storage space, modern TV screens and new safes. 

As part of the hotel chain’s philosophy, gastronomy at Iberostar Isla Canela remains a top priority. 

The hotel restaurant has been reformed to create a more spacious buffet area and new furnishings in the dining area, as well as better lighting for a more comfortable atmosphere. 

Iberostar wanted the restaurant buffet to feature the IberostarChef service.

This concept enables guests to witness and understand at first hand the preparation process of dishes, thanks to live cooking demonstrations. 

In addition, the refurbishment project included the creation of a Gastro Bar offering national and international cuisine. 

Iberostar Isla Canela also offers a comprehensive range of wellness and relaxation services. 

The hotel’s SPA Sensations has had air conditioning installed in its massage booths and has a remodelled Jacuzzi. 

To complement this, Iberostar Isla Canela continues to offer the best fitness options thanks to its Fit & Fun programme, which combines sports with holiday entertainment and includes the launch of a brand new spinning studio at the hotel. 

Óscar González, head of Iberostar Hotels & Resorts marketing in Europe, said of the refurbishment project:  “The comprehensive refurbishment of Iberostar Isla Canela forms parts of the Iberostar Hotels & Resorts continual renovation process, designed to ensure maximum quality and the best service at all times in our portfolio of hotels. 

“The project also underlines Iberostar’s commitment to Andalusia as a priority market for the company.”