IAC Global Aviation launch new range of Jet Wake Barriers for Airports

IAC Global Aviation launch new range of Jet Wake Barriers for Airports

Benefiting from the aerodynamic technologies utilised for IAC’s latest Jetshield™ and Aerowall™ ground run-up enclosure (patents pending), the latest IAC Jet Wake Barrier offers superb aerodynamic performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional high performance deflectors. The new range is available now and the first order has already been shipped for use by one of the world’s largest aircraft fleets.

The wash from the exhausts of jet and turbo fan engines can have negative effects on surrounding areas, ejecting not only turbulent but also very hot gasses. The barriers can be used for protecting terminals, the aircraft apron, roadways and walkways from the effects of taxiway and breakaway thrust, power assurance tests, full power ground testing and even afterburner wet ground testing.

IAC has been producing mesh faced jet wash screens for many years and these have been used very successfully throughout Europe. The new design increases the aerodynamic performance of the barrier, making it a more effective protection system for higher thrust levels. Flexibility has been taken into account and the new design solves this problem by being available in different sizes for any aircraft, either civil or military. The cost effective way in which the new barrier has been designed means that it is now a much more affordable option, despite being manufactured from high quality corrosion and anti-FoD components.

Nick Smith, business manager for IAC Global Aviation said: “Our new design offers superb aerodynamic performance and protection to both airports and aircraft maintenance organisations. By designing a more cost effective and higher performance barrier system, I am confident that many airports and military bases will recognise the new design as the right solution for protecting people, buildings and other aircraft. The new barrier also gives airport planners the ability to maximise the space for aircraft by having taxiing aircraft closer to adjacent roads and walkways.”

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