Six killed in Cork crash

Six killed in Cork crash

Six passengers have been killed following a crash at Cork Airport in Ireland.

The Irish Aviation Authority confirmed Flight Avia No FLT400C came down in fog on approach to the airport, with debris spread over a large area.

Ten passengers are believed to have been on board, along with two crew.

Six fatalities have now been confirmed, with six injured passengers being treated at Cork University Hospital.

“The current situation is that six fatalities have been removed,” said Tom O’Sullivan, from Cork Country Council.

Irish Aviation Authority

The Manx2 flight had been on route from Belfast in Northern Ireland.

The crash occurred at just before 10:00 following a 08:12 departure from George Best Belfast City Airport.

The Metroliner SW4 was on approach to Runway 17 before pulling up.

It made a second approach before crashing into adjacent to Taxiway C on its third attempted landing.

“Rescue and fire crew are in attendance,” confirmed the IAA in a statement.

The accident will be investigated by the Air Accident Unit of the Department of Transport.


In a statement, Manx2 said: “We are working with all relevant authorities to establish what happened.

“We would like to express our sincere sympathies to the families of those who lost their lives in this tragic accident.”

Isle of Man-based Manx2 has been operating for five years, with its headquarters in Douglas.

It currently leases eight aircraft for scheduled flights in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

It carries in excess of 100,000 passengers per year.

Chief executive of Belfast City Airport Brian Ambrose said passenger details from the ill-fated flight had been passed to police.

“At the minute, we have to emphasise that this is a tragic set of circumstances.

“A number of people have lost their lives and the families who have been affected are our priority,” he added.