20% off at Hydrohealing Spa when you quote BTN

20% off at Hydrohealing Spa when you quote BTN

Tucked away in the trendy streets of West London, in the heart of Notting Hill and just moments from Portobello Road, is the unique hydrohealing Spa, a spa that claims to help you “rediscover your centre” through the restorative powers of water.

Not only does hydrohealing provide all your usual treatments, manicures, pedicures, massages, and facials but it also a level of comfort I have never experienced before thanks to square cushions of warm soothing water.

The hydrohealing Spa was developed by two forward-thinking pharmacists who were insightful enough to understand the benefits of the new alternative therapies that have soared in popularity over the last ten years and combined this with a place to be pampered. The philosophy here at hydrohealing is “pleasure can be therapeutic, and therapy can be pleasurable” and they really go out of their way to prove this.

The hydrotherapy Spa is one of those places that make you feel totally at ease. Greeted by warm smiling faces in a clean white and blue room you feel immediately calm and relaxed. The array of product on the display in the hallway ranges from Green Peoples Organic Children, to Aromatherapy Associates and Mamma Mio and sets an example of the natural care that has gone into treatments here.

The signature treatment here is the hydrocusioned massage, renowned as the best massage in London.  And who doesn’t love a massage, especially one that occurs against warm pockets of water that feel like a great luxury.

The less glamorous yet arguably more beneficial treatments the hydrotherapy spa is famous for include the controversial colonic hydrotherapy, an ancient treatment that dates back as early as 1500BC to an Egyptian medical document called the “Eber Papyrus”.


Advancements came in the use of enema therapy by Hippocrates, Pare and Galen and in the 17th century became known as the “age of the enema”, or the “age of Clysters”.

In the 1900s John H. Kellogg, M.D., used colon therapy on over forty thousand of his patients. In all but 20 cases he avoided the use of surgery for the treatment of gastrointestinal disease in his patients as reported in Journal of the American Medical Association 1917.

Up until the 1950s the UK’s NHS provided colonic irrigation on a regular basis until substituted for the cheaper yet less effective laxatives. This has perhaps unsurprisingly coincided with the rise of IBS and other digestive problems.

The hydro Colonic is a simple procedure that takes place under the comforting guidance of an experienced practitioner who almost makes you forget the compromising position you find yourself in.

The after-effects of the colonic are quite astounding. I felt almost euphoric for the rest of the day. They warned me of lethargy or a frailness but quiet the opposite. I felt enlightened and busied around organizing chores that had been eternally postponed, almost as though it was a metaphor for life. I had cleared my insides and now was clearing all the unwanted clutter around me.
It was easy to see how the big names – Ben Affleck, Courtney Love, Andie MacDowell, Janet Jackson, Matt Damon, Madonna, Usher, Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Aniston, Elizabeth Hurley, Cindy Crawford, Paris Hilton, Alicia Silverstone, and Liv Tyler – have made from a tabooed subject to part of their monthly routine, the results of which are obviously more than cosmetic.

The following morning I woke before the alarm rang and even arrived early for my train, which, for the first time in years, I didn’t fall asleep on.

Thoroughly taken with not just the treatment but with the clinic too I have already booked my follow up treatments.

Colon Hydrotherapy can be most beneficial in helping to restore good health by:

      o The prevention of illness
      o Improved physical appearance.
      o A boost in emotional well-being
      o A sharpening of mental capabilities.
      o An enhancement in digestion
      o The elimination of unhealthy food addictions & allergies.
      o The attainment of ideal weight
      o A minimizing of the effects of aging.

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