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HRG showcases technology to support travel management in the new economy

HRG showcases technology to support travel management in the new economy

Hogg Robinson Group (HRG), the world class corporate travel services company, will be showcasing its latest technology at NBTA Houston in August.  As the economy begins its journey towards recovery, the role of travel managers is more important than ever.  HRG will exhibit its ability to help contain costs, maximize ROI and meet duty of care requirements, enabling travel managers to drive value in the ‘new normal.’

HRG will be exhibiting TripCase, HRG i-Suite™ and HRG Reporting™ solutions which provide convenience, choice and control.  Each of these elements is vital to the success of a travel management programme as the new economy takes shape, which demonstrates that HRG has anticipated the different requirements and new approach by travel managers.
-      HRG is able to offer the TripCase mobile itinerary management application through its partnership with Sabre Travel Network.  In addition to unique location-based messaging capabilities, the pioneering solution includes full integration of travel plans, which allows HRG to enhance the traveller experience through provision of timely and relevant information delivered to a mobile device.  Importantly, security of data has been considered as part of this development, which provides a global solution through handling of trip data from multiple sources and compatibility with iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile devices and most mobile web browsers.

-      HRG i-Suite™ is a portal providing corporate travellers and travel managers with one single point of online access to a wide range of tools, offering capabilities from booking to reporting and traveller tracking.  Both in-house tools and third party products and services can be integrated to provide a customised solution for the client organisation.  The modular structure also enables users to personalise their homepage, choosing from content such as city and airport guides, weather forecasts and time zones.  The new version contains an improved design, which when combined with the existing multi-language capabilities, provides all users with an enhanced experience, whether their need is to book their next trip or make a programme management decision.

-      HRG Reporting™ is an online reporting tool designed to provide clients with relevant key data about their travel programmes quickly and easily.  Based on client feedback, the latest version contains additional reports which have been added to the standard ‘dashboard’ menu.  This ‘dashboard’ can also be tailored by the individual user to their own needs, with the additional ability to ‘slice and dice’ information through a mouse click which can filter information in seconds.

For further information on HRG’s products and services and to experience at first hand their capabilities, visit the HRG booth at NBTA Houston.