Holidays in the US are top dollar for Brits this winter

Holidays in the US are top dollar for Brits this winter

The stability of the Pound against the US Dollar is making holidays in the USA this winter better value for Brits than some key winter hot spots such as Mexico and Malaysia according to ICE (International Currency Exchange). ICE is currently receiving more orders for the US Dollar than any other currency, pushing it to the top of the ICE Currency Sales Table for the first time in 11 months, relegating the Euro to second place.

And, as the weather cools down in the UK, Brits aren’t letting the challenges of the economy curb their enthusiasm for long haul holidays. Currencies for Australia, Thailand and South Africa are currently the most popular orders from ICE after the US Dollar and Euro.

Joanna Williams, Head of Marketing at ICE said: “The US offers the best of a lot of worlds and right now the Pound is holding its own against the US Dollar with rates only down marginally on this time last year at 1.5748 against the Pound.  The US Dollar has remained relatively stable compared to the big fluctuations in currencies such as the Mexican Peso.  The Pound is now worth 9.62% less against the Mexican Peso than this time last year. That hasn’t dinted the popularity of this destination however.  In fact, the Mexican Peso is now the 6th most ordered currency from ICE – this time last year it was the 12th.”

The Barbados Dollar, Malaysian Ringgit, Brazilian Real and New Zealand Dollar have also entered the ICE currency sales charts as Brits head off in search of warmer climes. In contrast, as Europe heads into winter, sales for European currencies such as Croatia, Bulgaria and Poland as well as the Euro have cooled.

Joanna Williams concludes: “With Thanks Giving, Christmas shopping trips and ski breaks all great reasons to visit the US, Brits will welcome the stable rates we are seeing on the US Dollar.  But just as importantly, travellers should plan ahead and shop around for the best deals from a reputable foreign exchange provider, online or on the high street, to make their spending money go further this winter.”