looking forward to 2011 looking forward to 2011

It’s been an exciting year for leading travel add-ons company, a year presenting challenges, changes and development.

After a reorganisation in 2009, the company has moved to strengthen and support relationships with suppliers and distributors, with recent new partnerships announced with Tui UK, Thomas Cook and

The mission to make significant developments within the company’s culture, and to use the skill set of the team to further understand customers’ needs was certainly tested this year with the unprecedented calamity of ‘travel disruption by volcano’.

The lessons of this time were quickly learned and the company has gone on to win the Kent Excellence in Business Award for Customer Service and Commitment, along with a shortlist for Customer Focus in the National Business Awards 2010 on the strength of its performance.

Despite this early set-back in the year the company has rallied with significantly higher bookings this year: national statistics show that UK residents’ trips abroad increased by 3% in 2010; whereas bookings of add-ons through have increased by 11% in the same period, which not only goes some way to assuage the losses incurred earlier in the year, but also shows the company significantly outpacing the market.


Matthew Pack, CEO, said: “I feel a real sense of excitement among the team at We are all looking forward to launching new products and systems.

“ is currently enjoying a growth in revenue of around 30% - which is testament of’s commitment to its customers.

“Dynamic packaging, bundling for tailor-made upgrades, new partnerships – all these new developments are motivated by our goal to help our customers to have a hassle free holiday and we will continue to offer our customers what they need and more in 2011.”