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Hire car bookings up 17%* despite difficult summer advises

Hire car bookings up 17%* despite difficult summer advises

We are supporting all British citizens that are determined to have a good holiday despite countrywide economic problems. The main online Car rentals agent has claimed there has been a 17% rise in car rentals for the October half term when compared to the statistics for the same holiday period last year.

July and August of 2009 and 2010 were used to produce the results, showing that there is still a great calling for vacation car hire across a diverse range of countries and cities, including hip holiday destinations such as Vancouver and Barbados, or closer places like Nice, Faro and Pisa.

Despite the recession impacting car hire prices and the costs of many other things. research showed the increase was in the face of an average daily hire price (for a rental car during the October half term) rise of around 9% over just the last 12 months. Banks are no longer as generous with credit, and the Car rental companies are without funding. This causes their fleet sizes to remain stagnant as new cars can’t be easily purchased – causing prices to increase; demand outweighs supply.

“This economically poor summer has hit the travel industry. However, despite recent obstacles, the British holidaymaker won’t give up their holiday easily. Money isn’t as easily come by as before, but nonetheless deals can be found for budget car hire, people have to work a little harder, but they are there. People should weigh up all their options before booking, compare all the quotes, contact the best companies and opt for the best offer.” Advised the M.D. for, Gareth Robinson.

“For the best packages, shoppers need to think ahead. Booking in advance will help to secure the lowest prices and usually means a range of vehicles are still unbooked.” Gareth, adds: “Travellers renting a car for the half term may have to pay more than last year. Prices have gone up since last year. However, the nearby areas hold the key to lower prices. Look at small towns, cities and unpopular areas as rentals will often be cheaper than tourist areas or airports.”


A half term hire car for a week in Faro can be had for just £12** a day, with prices starting at £13** a day for Crete, from £16** for 24 hours in Rome and only £10** daily for the car hire Malaga Airport provides. compares the top 50 major companies, such as; Sixt, easyCar, Europe, Auto, Budget, Alamo and Holiday Autos. Through these companies, hire cars can be booked in 9,000 locations worldwide. Making sure customers have the best choices from the largest rental companies. Please click for information or to find the best deal for you.