Heathrow Terminal 5 welcomes its 50 millionth customer

Heathrow Terminal 5 welcomes its 50 millionth customer

British Airways has welcomed its 50 millionth customer through the doors of Heathrow Terminal 5 as the busy summer holiday season moves into full swing.

Now in its third summer of operations, Terminal 5 has become an acclaimed facility by travellers around the world – and is looking forward to the launch of further improvements.

The terminal has helped to transform operations at Heathrow and continues to give customers the best travel experience they have had at the world’s busiest and most congested international airport.

Terminal 5’s efficiency and levels of customer service have helped to raise punctuality to record levels. As measured by industry standards, British Airways has improved its punctuality at Heathrow from an average of around 50 per cent of on time departures each month when it was split located in Terminal 1 and 4, to an average of around 80 per cent since moving to Terminal 5. Many days the airline can achieve 90 per cent of on time departures at Terminal 5.

In addition, thanks to Terminal 5, British Airways now has the best baggage performance of any major European hub based carrier. Arriving bags are also often waiting on the carousels to be collected by customers as they make their way through passport control.


Overall levels of punctuality and baggage operations will improve even further when a new £300 million third part of the terminal campus, known as T5 C, opens for customers in early summer 2011.

Andy Lord, British Airways director of operations, said: “We are delighted to have welcomed our 50 millionth customer into Terminal 5. Although we know how much our customers really love the calm atmosphere and great customer service in the terminal, we are aiming to make even more improvements in the year ahead.

“Terminal 5 ‘C’ will make a real difference when it is fully operational next summer and will mean that more than 95 per cent of our services will be served by an ‘air bridge’. That’s an extra three million customers each year who won’t have to use a bus to get to or from their aircraft.

“We are also going to further enhance the levels of service we can offer to our premium customers.

“Terminal 5 has not only improved the levels of customer service we can offer in what is a very competitive market place, but it also helps to reduce our costs by being able to run a more efficient flying operation at our main home.”

Since Terminal 5 opened in March 2008, customers have also consistently given British Airways its most positive ever feedback scores in a monthly survey of more than 35,000 randomly selected customers.